Here Are 6 Very Simple Internet Businesses Every Busy Nigerian Who Desires Freedom To Quit Their Jobs Should Know In 2024

   By Solomon Dee | 5mins Read

   25 - April - 2024

Once in a while, I get messages from people who message me to advise them on what businesses to do.

Last week alone, I got 9 of such messages.

7 of them were from working class Nigerians who are looking for profitable business or investments that they can start asap to be able to quit their jobs.

But who am I and why should you listen to me.

My name is Solomon David based in Abuja, Nigeria.

I think the only thing I know how to do is help my clients get customers online using online automations and paid ads via my digital marketing agency called Sodavy Solutions which has been in operations since 2019 and have served over 500 clients, generate over $3,000,000 total revenue for different individuals and companies both locally and internationally. 

In my over 5 years of expertise, I know some mouthwatering business opportunity.

Their criteria for this kind of business are usually two:

1. Doesn't have a long learning curve.

2. Simple and doesn't require much time to learn or execute.

So, because I wouldn't want anyone reading this in 2024 to make any mistakes, I decided to break down the 6 ways I know that are working right now.

1. As a Freelancer

In this case, you'll be offering digital services like web design, graphic design, software programming, copywriting etc.

The only issue is you'll need to learn a skill first.

And then you'll need to find clients.

Feels like too much time is involved.

Also, it's not for lazy people as there's a lot of work involved.

Plus as a beginner, you won't be earning so much.

My rating? 3/10

That takes us to number 2.

2. As an Ecommerce/Dropshipping Merchant

This involves simply importing small sized goods from abroad and reselling them at a profit.

The only issue is you need to buy goods, warehouse them, then test to see if the market will like them.

If the market doesn't like them, you'll have to try again.

Too much upfront capital needed.

Lots of testing too involved. And for every test, money's involved.

Plus, importing from China since the pandemic has been stressful.

Though some people have found a way around it by going to their local market, taking pictures of goods and then posting online.

But the issue with this is the lack of variety and the fact you won't be making as much profit as you should - feels like you're working for the shop owners.

My rating? 5/10

3. As A Virtual Assistant.

This is one of the easiest ways to start getting paid online because some virtual assistant roles don't require special skills or prior experience. Just willingness to work.

The only issue is you need to find someone who needs an assistant first.

Just like in freelancing, you need clients.

You might also get paid peanuts because most people in the West are used to Indians and Filipinos who charge very low for tons of work.

So you might be working so much and getting paid so little.

My rating? 5.5/10 

4. Real Estate Marketing 

Here you simply collaborate with real estate company's and agents who are well informed about new releases of properties. 

You simply get the photos of the properties, share to your WhatsApp status and Facebook marketplace as a middleman. 

If a house or land is selling for N10,000,000, you can advertise it adding your own fee.
Interested individuals reach out to you and schedule inspection. 

When they like what they see, they pay, and you get paid.

The challenge with this is that you have to consistently post until people familiarize with you and see you as a go to person in the real estate space. 

Then again, since it's a high-ticket product, sales may not be often so you may not be making regular income from it.

My rating for it is 6/10

5. Affiliate Marketing/Network Marketing.

Here, there's no need to create a product.

You simply pick someone else's product and market it to get sales.

And then get paid a commission.

Depending on the kind of product, commissions can go up to 40%.

In the case of Networking, when you bring 2 who bring 2 and continuously.

You keep getting paid as long as more people are joining your sales organisation.

It's one of the best ways for beginners to start online.

The challenge with it is that you have to be good with sales and convincing people.

Then if you don't know people, it may be a hard task trying to get people to buy from you or join your organisation as you only get paid when you make a sale or recruit someone.

My rating 5/10

6. Forex Trading Using A.I.

With the invention of A.I, super complicated subjects can now be handled even by dummies.

Just like we have chat GPT breaking down sophisticated subjects and making them simple. 

So do we now have A.I systems that can make you income on autopilot while you are at work.

With such systems, you do not even need to know a thing about forex or how it works.
All you have to do is just create an account with a forex broker eg Octa FX, Exness, Anzo capital, Hotforex, Capital Extend etc (they are like the first bank, GTB, Access of forex trading).

No skill or experience needed.

No need to rent an office or shop.

No need to sell or recruit.

Can be done with a phone, so no need for a laptop.

Perfect for newbies.

The only challenge with this is finding the right A.I that trades profitably without risking much of your capital and then you need about $600 capital to get started.

My rating? 9/10

I want you to succeed with this and that is why I want you to attend this intensive 30 minutes training I recorded where I explain how you can launch your own Automated Forex A.I System and start making profits the next day.

NOTE: This is far from the Normal Forex Trading Systems you might have heard of

This recorded training will show you.

. How To Set Up your Very Own Personal AI Bot In Under 15 minutes

. Powerful Strategies For: fast Results, Passive Monthly Income, Generational Wealth.

. How To Build True Generational Wealth Using Modern Technology.

Of course, this business model is not for everyone.

But if you really want to take this seriously, I recommend that you register and watch this training while it's still available for FREE.

Click the ''I Want The Training'' button below to access the live training link.

One more thing...

In case you are having doubts about if this business model will work for you or not, my answer to that is - IT WILL WORK FOR YOU

As long as you are serious, have your capital and set up your account as shown in the training.

Consider this the future of forex trading.

And trading (also known as buying and selling) is the most guaranteed form of business on earth.

What you are doing here is - You are buying and selling currencies and earning from the prices differences only that its all done with clicks of a button.

And you are doing it without having to sit down in a shop waiting for customers.

Instead, artificial intelligence analyses the market, buys low and sells high for you while you keep the profits.

It is now your decision to make.

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