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"Can We Custom Build This Same Exact System... So You Can Start Earning Multiple Commissions From Our Business Without Ever Talking To Family And Friends - ALL ON 100% AUTOPILOT"

All you have to do is get started with us by picking up a package and you will get instant access to your own custom built web pages for selling and recruiting automatically!

Laptop Lifestyle Income System (LLIS) has totally changed the way online business is done forever.
I no longer have to depend on family & friends to join my business or patronise my products. All I have to do is select the product I wish to promote or the choose from one of the beautiful landing pages already done and drive traffic to.
Then watch my inbox get bombarded with interested prospects and customers orders.
Another exciting thing about the LLIS is the fact that there are step by step guides to walk you through every simple process even as a total beginner or non techy person. This is truly a game changer.

Lawreta Decent

7 Figure Affiliate Marketer

With Our System You Don’t Need To Be A Marketer, Or Sales Genius To Become A Multi-Figure Earner From Our Business!

You DON’T need:

  • Tech skills
  • Sales skills
  • People skills
  • Lead gen skills
  • Marketing skills
  • Copywriting skills
  • ClickFunnel skills
  • Funnel-building skills
  • Content creation skills
  • Relationship building skills
  • FB,IG,Youtube Ad Skills

Introducing The SUPER Profitable Way To Generate Up To N2,000,000.00 MONTHLY…

…That Has US Doing ALL Of The Hard Work, And You Doing NONE!
Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last ten years… You’ve likely heard about Digital Marketing.

In Case You Need A Quick Refresh…

Digital marketing is the component of marketing that uses the Internet and online based digital technologies such as desktop computers, mobile phones and other digital media and platforms (like social media) to promote products and services. Wikipedia

In a nutshell: Digital marketing is a modern way that businesses are using today to reach out to their ideal customers online with more accuracy than ever before. Digital marketing is one of the most powerful means that anyone can generate A LOT of money, profitably even with a work-from-anywhere business model such as the ever dreaded NETWORK MARKETING Model. 

"Network Marketing? Isn't That
Kind Of… Dead?"

Nope, Infact I know more people making more money from it now than before.

Why Aren't Many People Succeeding In It?

In recent years, Network marketing has gone BACK under the radar. Most people will tell you that it’s no longer profitable, that it’s too hard to succeed in it, or that you’re just too late and only the people at the top make all the money…

Newsflash: Those people are the Top Gurus of Internet marketing in the world today.

These top gurus know the profitability in Network Marketing and possibly made their fortune though it before they had enough money to invest in the so called CRYPTO, FOREX, Ecom, Dropshipping etc they are trying to sell to you today by down playing Network Marketing. 

Infact, they know how realistic it is for anyone to make $1000 monthly income doing it the RIGHT WAY than it is from all those other ventures they keep pushing down your throat in form of COURSES, MASTERCLASSES, GROUP COACHING ETC

Over the past 3 years, my team and I have MASTERED the art of Digital Marketing and Network marketing.

We are EASILY generating 50% commission, which works out at around $1,000.00 - $5,000.00 per month, and our average number of sales is 11 PER DAY!

The secret is, Combining Digital Marketing with Network Marketing = UNLIMITED CASHFLOW

This is where we come in.

We have created a system that literally combines years of experience in both digital marketing and network marketing such that you as a total newbie can just COPY and PASTE what has been proven to work.

We turn all the hard work so anyone who is serious and ready, can be able to leverage on this system and build the kind of lifestyle they deserve.

Never again, does anyone have to go back to the old dreadful mode of building network marketing where you have to.

  • Talk to family and friends to join your business or buy your products
  • Organise hotel meetings that end up with only 5 people showing up and not even signing up
  • Posting on facebook and whatsapp to the same people who have seen you post about your 11 previous companys
  • Worry about positioning and joining ontime so you can make some money

"Its Time To Utilise the Modern Way Of Building Online By"

  • Generating quality leads
  • Building an optimized funnel 
  • Setting ANYTHING technical up
  • Turning prospects into customers
  • Converting clients on sales calls
  • Building a fully optimized website
  • Running high-converting paid ads

With This Taken Care Of, You Can Start Expecting Results Like This

As promised, you don't have to worry about: Because thats exactly what our system is designed to do for you.

All you Have To Do Is Just COPY & PASTE

Sounds like something exciting you can do?

By Joining Our Team, You’re Getting:

A COMPLETE Automated Business

Sit back, kick your feet up, and RELAX. You don’t have to worry about ANY aspect of the business building process…My team and I are on it.

  • The selling is 100% DONE-FOR-YOU.
  • The content-ideas are 100% DONE-FOR-YOU.
  • The lead-gen is 100% DONE-FOR-YOU. 
  • The techy stuff is 100% DONE-FOR-YOU. 
  • The follow-up emails are 100% DONE-FOR-YOU.
  • The relationship building is 100% DONE-FOR-YOU. 
  • The funnel-building process is 100% DONE-FOR-YOU. 
  • The automation is 100% DONE-FOR-YOU.
  • The Instant Credibility for instant sales is 100% DONE-FOR-YOU.

We even host the funnel inside of OUR Funnel Builder and set up the domain and hosting so you save $97 a month!! FOR LIFE. Seriously, I wasn't kidding when I said my team and I do 95% of the hard work FOR YOU!

Additionally The First 50 Persons To Join

The Team Will Also Get

1 Live Zoom Call With Solomon Weekly

Feel alone in your journey? Well, that is a thing of the past. Every week, we’ll meet up LIVE on Zoom to talk tactics, strategies, growth hacks, scaling, long-term wealth, and MORE.

Together, we’ll go through ALL your materials, and I’ll give you feedback to guarantee your success. 

Real heroes never leave their customers in the dark. I'm just a Zoom call away!

Private Members-Only Community

Your NETWORK determines your NET WORTH. In order for your business to succeed, long-term… 

You need to surround yourself with people who have valuable knowledge to share, infectious elite mindsets, and that you feel accountable to. That's what our elite members-only community provides. 

*Access to our community is included for the FULL 12 months.

Google Business Listing

We will list your store on google so people can find and buy from you easily. Worth $10

Private Members-Only Multi-Income stream Community

Access to our Exclusive Mastermind Community where we show you where to diversify into including Forex, Crypto, Real Estate, Ecommerce etc $597   

Lock-In This One-Time Opportunity! You’re Getting:


Automation System for Network Marketing

1 Live Zoom Call With 

Solomon Weekly

Private Members-Only Community

Private Members-Only

Multi-Income stream Community

Access To Our Xclusive

Resource Library

Google Business Listing

Total Value: N1,200,000 + | Usual Price: N500,000 | Total Savings For The First 50 Applicants: N700,000

Your Price Today: Gotbackup Annual Plan

Join Our Team With The Annual Plan For $140

And Get Our Funnel For FREE

Here’s The Absolute Bottom Line:

At first, I KNOW that N150,000 to N500,000 could seem like a lot of money straight off the bat. But this is your first opportunity to get your “entrepreneurial hat” on. Because if you want anything in life, you have to invest in it. A car? A house? Even a COUCH these days…

Earning an income is no different. Wanna be Doctors pay on average around N3,000,000.00 to get qualified and have to invest 4 YEARS of their life into it. Then, ONLY WHEN they’re fully qualified and have experience…

They Earn On Average N2,000,000/Year
(That first year of FULL salary doesn’t even cover those
crippling college fees.)

But, that’s not all… They’re ALSO working 12-hour grueling shifts with no breaks, in high-pressure scenarios, day in and day out. So, I’ll ask you now…

How does an investment today of JUST N150,000 to N500,000 600 sound to build a N2,000,000/ MONTH online business… AND only demands 20 to 45 minutes of your time per DAY? That means it’ll take you 1/10th of the time to reach a qualified doctor's income level.

As for the high-pressure stuff? That’s NON-EXISTENT. I set up ALL the tech for you, which is the hardest, most frustrating, and costly part of any business… But I’ve REMOVED all of that for you - GONE.

This is about as plug and PROFIT as you can get. So, I’ve made my point. It’s 100% on you now. I LITERALLY can’t do anything more.

If YOU Want:

  • Rapid Results
  • Access To PROVEN Formulas
  • Access To MY Highly-Respected Credibility
  • An INSANELY High-Converting NON-SATURATED Niche
  • High-Performance Networking Opportunities
  • A Business Where 90% Is DONE FOR YOU


What Do I Need To Own The System?

All you have to do is pick up the Premium, Elite or Titan package with us and you automatically qualify to have the auto recruiting and selling system.

What if I don't have the skills or expertise to set it up myself?

Never a problem. We have step by step videos to walk you through all the steps like ABC that even a newbie can be able to do it by himself.

What is a funnel system?

This is part of our smart marketing system. If what you've been doing in the past hasn't been working, you'll be happy to know that this is a tested and proven way of building a reliable business from home. A funnel leads your prospects through steps and enables duplication in your whole team.

Can you build this kind of system for my other business?

Yes, we can custom build you this kind of system if you are ready as its not cheap at all. All you have to do is reach out on whatsapp +2347035904040 or email


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